Wednesday, April 22, 2009


currently i'm listening to this 2008 album...those we leave behind..
as for my opinion,i loved this kind of i'm kind of being influenced by From Autumn to Ashes+Dead Poetic..and..those who are into this kind of music..this is a good band for you to enjoy...melodic+screamo..hehehe...those who are into Silverstein also,i think,they already know bout this band..if i'm not mistaken,they already out with 3 albums plus this 2008,i'm late actuallly..heh...does anyone have their previous albums?mail me yaeh..or juz drop a comment..ahaks!!! to proceed with my work now...see in another posting..

'hold me like you did when we were younger. your eyes speak to
me its the truth. our haunting; the days of my surrender
i kissed your head and said goodnight, lets raise the dead and say
goodbye'- I AM GHOST

"Beavis and Butthead avatar

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