Sunday, November 1, 2009

pentiruan sempurna

i looked at the sky..i cud see the cloud.. juz a like a painting on the canvas..
and..when i looked at the painting..
i said to myself.. looks like the cloud were imitation from the canvas..
hahahaha...wut a perfect imitation...

i'm not dat stupid not to be able to differentiate between reality and fantasy..
i juz impressed wit those two..then i started to think..
is there any imitation in me??which is completely not mine??
huh..even i cudn't answer dat question..

am i an imitation of someone??maybe..
my life shaped me..
gradually changed..wherever i go..
it's a worthy moment..and momentum in my life...
otherwise..i wudn't be like dis..
though sometimes i hate my past..
i wish i cud erase all those shit..but..i dun have an eraser..and my memories were written using pen marker permanent..amik aku..maybe i cud use's not gud for my skin...hahahahahahaha..

okla..i'm hungry..
nti aku post len..
wut i've done now..?maybe i shud reload,though to lose a name is a pain in the es..let it goes..and it's never too late...

p/s serve u rite totenumb..3-0..jgn berkokok di waktu mlm..meriam merah tetap dpt mencari sasaran..hahahahaha


ahxingla said...

haha. LIKE this dude !!!
semarttt !!!

pali said...

sematt eh???aku semat eh ah xing???